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We Like Sports is, well… a podcast about sports. We dabble in all things ball (and sometimes puck) related. To be fair it’s mostly an hour of two dudes and their random guests yelling at each other about the latest sports news (except better than those ESPN guys) – what more could you ask for?!

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Latest Episodes:

Episode 34: PAC 12 Season Preview and World Cup Talk

Episode 32: NFL Draft recap, NBA Playoffs, and the pressure on Michigan

Episode 30: Adam heads back to The Land to join Kyle, in person, and chat about the upcoming Final 4

Episode 29: March 20th – All the Madness – UK’s Easy Path, Nova and Duke Looking Great, Michigan’s Win, and More

Episode 28: March 14th – March Madness Bracket Analysis, Texas Southern’s Win, Selection Show, Seeding thoughts, and more!

Quick Pod: March 11th – Talking the Browns Latest Flurry of Trades

Episode 27: March 7th – Big Ten Tourney, March Madness, Peyton’s Pizza Drama, Oscar talk, and more!

Episode 26: February 28th – College Hoops drama, March Madness updates, NBA recap, and a little College Football

Episode 25: February 20th – The debate you’ve all been waiting for: The 2017 Browns vs. The 2008 Lions. Daytona 500 recap and some NCAABB talk

Episode 24: February 12th – Talking a little bit of NBA trades, NASCAR, and those ice sports

Episode 23: February 6th – Super Bowl Review, Colts/McDaniels Drama, Props and more

Episode 21: January 22nd –  NFL Playoffs, Nassar, Super Bowl and more!

Episode 20: January 16th – Playoffs? Playoffs?!

Episode 19: January 9th – What a crazy end to the College Football season

Episode 18: January 2nd – Wild Bowl Weekend

Episode 17: December 19th – Bowl Preview Part 2

Episode 16: December 11th – Bowl Preview Part 1

Episode 15: December 9th – Pollyeyes Awards Show 

Episode 14: December 4th – The committee got it right… 

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