Former Gator QB Luke Del Rio Gives His Thoughts on the (likely) New Starter

Former Gator quarterback Luke Del Rio has since graduated and begun his sports-related career as a reporter. Del Rio, whose father had previously been the head coach of the Oakland Raiders before being fired, and who has spent many years in NFL and football circles, has started to use his connections and experience as a player to share news and insight with all football fans. As a recent player, Del Rio’s insider knowledge carries some weight as he is still in constant contact with the current players. His full video is embedded below and I highly recommend checking it all out (~33 min).

As part of his August 20th video he discussed the Florida Gators quarterbacks and who he expects the starter to be, based on what he is hearing from inside the locker room. Here are some highlights from Luke on the topic:

  • Gators had their second scrimmage, with Mullen wanting to know who the starter. According to his player-sources the offense absolutely dominated the scrimmage from start to finish. Wants to see points and thinks that exciting to hear.
  • Were zero interceptions in the scrimmage from starters. At least from Franks and Trask, which is huge. The fastest way to lose the job is to turn the ball over
  • 25 or so penalties, but practice refs are ‘a pain in the ass’ and overly critical. Things to clean up but this isn’t a surprise for a pre-season scrimmage. Were apprently trying to enforce offensive lineman in the backfield. Called it left and right which is ‘really stupid’.
  • The quarterback is going to be….
    • Okay, a little more breakdown – he says to pay close attention to what Mullen is looking for. Wanted to know who the starter was going to be by this scrimmage.
    • Franks started with the 1’s and Trask played with them as well, splitting all reps 50/50
    • Emory did not = Emory is not starting. He’s going to play but not in the competition to start. Facts.
    • Thinks it’s Franks job. He’s been starting every practice and scrimmage with the 1’s first and just hasn’t done anything where the job can be taken from him at this point. Nobody else has overtaken him either. It’s not 100% but you can somewhat see the tea leaves that Franks has the best odds at this point.
    • If you have $100 lying around bet on Trask because +800 is too good to pass up on him being the starter.
    • Mullen has not announced to the team who the starter is.
  • No, Franks does not ‘suck’. Show me one example where you put a freshman in the starting job with unprepared talent around him and then fire the coach halfway through the season and it ‘works out’. Never. Be patient and let him learn.
  • Noted that he was referred to as a Game Manager when he was a player, but that title disappear once you throw a couple of interceptions.

Really great stuff from Del Rio and his insight and knowledge carries a lot of weight with his close connections internally to the team. Check out the rest of his video here:



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