SEC approves transfer rule changes, Gators Van Jefferson chances to play in 2019 improve

As of Friday, the SEC voted to allow players to transfer from a school facing NCAA sanctions to another institution within the conference without sitting out a season. This was a great step forward for the Gators as they continue to move forward with their attempts to get Ole Miss transfer receiver Van Jefferson to play this season for them.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said the proposal “was supported overwhelmingly,” but would not release how the vote fell.

The NCAA still must grant Jefferson a waiver. UF, the SEC and the NCAA would not offer a timetable for a waiver decision, but Jefferson is expected to receive a waiver, based on the fact six other Ole Miss players have been approved to play right away and they have the same attorney as Jefferson.

Having Jefferson available would be huge for the Gators in 2019 as he was a clear standout during the Spring practices and proved he can be a reliable target for the eventually chosen quarterback. Outside of Tyrie Cleveland, it is likely that Jefferson would immediately take over a starting spot for the Gators and look to be a difference maker.

While we still hold our breath for the final news on Jefferson to come out from the NCAA offices, we can at least feel good about the progress that has been made so far.


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