Notes, Stats, and Winners for Gators First Spring Scrimmage

Back-to-back updates from scrimmage, as seen through the eyes of media members in attendance (notably summarized tweets from @NickdelaTorreGC@osgators, and @Bailiegh_Jo04):

  • Adarius Lemons, CJ Henderson and Kadarius Toney working on kickoff returns for Gators, who are practicing with the special teams unit as the start of scrimmage draws near.
  • Freddie Swain and Kadarius Toney on punt returns for Gators. Dre Massey was also there with those two last week, but he doesn’t look to be practicing today and has missed a handful of practices this past week.
  • C.J. Henderson looking very impressive in kick returns – has good acceleration.
  • The order of reps for the quarterbacks looks to be Franks > Trask > Jones > Allen, with Franks and Trask expected to get a majority of the workload
  • Franks is out for the first snaps of the scrimmage. Scarlett at RB.
  • Gators first-team offense opens with three-and-out during first spring scrimmage.
  • Clement runs for 35 yards on his first carry with third team.
  • Nice blocking and a good run for Iverson Clement, 35-40 yds. Emory Jones leading the 3rd team on its first drive.
  • Shawn Davis and Brad Stewart running as first team safeties.
  • Jeawon Taylor is non-contact, think he’s the expected starter but not playing because they’re in full contact.
  • Shawn Davis picks off Feleipe Franks, loses the ball but defense comes up with it.
  • Franks’ pass off Van Jefferson’s hands. Franks’ pass a little behind him but catchable. Gators 0 of 4 now on third down.
  • Same as Saturday, Rayshad Jackson working at first team inside linebacker with David Reese.
  • Big collision between Edwards and Pierce on a run. Edwards didn’t get the best of it but held on for the tackle.
  • Edwards just had another stop. Nice open-field tackling by DBs so far today in the early part of scrimmage
  • Tough run between the tackles for Dameon Pierce. Takes a village to bring him down. 2nd team offense is moving the ball. In the red zone.
  • Pierce playing 3rd in pecking order, behind Scarlett and Perine so far.
  • Pierce puts an exclamation point on the drive with a TD. Been good for a couple first downs and the first TD.
  • Trask and the second team are on the board. PAT from Chris Howard is good – in 2s v 2s with Kyle Trask at QB. Trask hit completions to Trevon Grimes (twice) and Kadarius Toney on well-executed play-action bootleg.
  • Franks gets out of trouble and tries to throw it away but Davis nearly gets to it for his second INT.
  • S Quincy Lenton just separated TE Kemore Gamble from the ball, slow to get up. Throw on money by Emory Jones playing with 2s. Great hit by Lenton. Separated man from ball like a safety should.
  • Josh Hammond with diving catch on pass from Kyle Trask with 1s. Best pass play of day, but throw just a bit too far in front. About 15 yards gained.
  • Lamical Perine hits the spin button and breaks a run outside for a big gain.
  • Josh Hammond catches a short pass on right side from Kyle Trask and races to end zone for 30-yard TD in 1s v 1s. Trask has led both touchdown drives.
  • Nice screen play to Hammond for a score. Trask pass just over outstretched hand of Zach Carter, nice blocking sprung him.
  • After sitting out a few series, Franks in with the 2s. Immediately hooks up with Grimes, who was along sideline.
  • Chauncey-Gardner Johnson picks off Kyle Trask and takes it to the house. Whistle blew the play dead before that but he was moving after the INT.
  • Feleipe Franks picked off in the end zone by Trey Dean in 2s v 2s. Didn’t see intended target because Dean was in front of WR. Two INTs for Franks now.
  • Slaton and Carter combine for a sack of Jake Allen.
  • Great pocket for Franks, he puts it on the money for Hammond, bad drop. 3 and out.
  • Trask and Franks splitting reps with 1s. Trask is having a better day.
  • Conliffe and Slaton forced a sack on Trask.
  • Emory Jones leads the 3s to a long field goal drive, with most of those yards coming on a long Tyriek Hopkins run. Gators not letting Jones throw much at all (only pass on drive was an Iverson Clement drop).
  • Emory Jones handing it off almost every single snap he’s in. Very few pass attempts from him so far.
  • HALFTIME: Feleipe Franks 3-of-11, 14 yards, two INTs. Kyle Trask 7–of-10, 76 yards, one pick. Stats courtesy of
  • Rough first half of the scrimmage for Franks. Threw for only 14 yards and picked twice, once in the end zone.
  • Franks fumbles on the first drive of the second half. Looked to slip out of his hands during exchange.
  • 3 and out for Trask and the 2’s.
  • Scarlett gets in the end zone from the goal line. Haven’t seen much of him today. Score comes on drive by Franks.
  • Feleipe Franks had a nice fade pass to Josh Hammond a few plays earlier that went of Hammond’s outstretched finger tips. Not a drop per se. Just a tough pass, but had a chance.
  • Adarius Lemons with an 89-yard TD run, showed breakaway speed.
  • Moon gets good pressure on Trask but he dumps it off to Hammond. Moon is having a good day getting pressure. Jachai Polite just went right around Martez Ivey on the same play. Would have been a sack if not for non-contact jersey.
  • Good pressure again applied by Jeremiah Moon. Working with the 1st team defense some now as well.
  • Trask just threw another TD to C’yontai Lewis (we think). It’s been a run-heavy second half of this wet Gators scrimmage.
  • Franks gets sacked on the first play after Trask’s TD drive.
  • Jachai Polite is getting great pressure today as well. Taking to Grantham’s defensive scheme very nicely thus far.
  • Feleipe Franks under throws Van Jefferson, ball ends up in hands of Marco Wilson. Third INT for Franks.
  • Moon with some more nice pressure on Trask. He throws it away. Franks’ turn again.
  • Overthrow for Franks on 3rd down. Flag down, it was on the defense. So a new set of downs.
  • Franks hits Jefferson for a 30 yard completion. Definitely his best play of the day.
  • Franks finds Moral Stephens two plays later for 28-yard TD to a salvage a tough day for himself.
  • Trask to Grimes for a 75-yard TD (15-20) in the air Trey Dean slipped in coverage near the LOS.
  • Jake Allen just broke himself off a nice 35+ yard run.
  • Lemons with nice run to prevent another Franks three-and-out.
  • Franks play action to Lemons and busted coverage leads to 50-yard TD to Grimes.

Unofficial Offensive Stats (courtesy of @jakewinderman):


  • Franks: 6/22 (27.2%) | 133 yds | 2 TDs | 3 INT (one forced by WR) | 1 Fumble | 3 runs for 35 yds | 2 sacks | Highlights: 50 yd TD to Grimes
  • Trask: 11/19 (57.9%) | 176 yds | 3 TDs | 1 INT | 2 runs for 17 yds | 1 Sack | Highlights: 80 yd TD to Grimes
  • Jones: 2/9 (22.2%) | -3 yds | 0 TDs | 4 runs for 15 yards | Notes: 2 drops by Gamble, 1 drop by Clement
  • Allen: 0/2 | 0 yds | 2 Fumbles | 2 sacks | Highlight: 1 run for 40 yds


  • Scarlett: 8 runs for 28 yds, 1 TD (4 yds) | 3.5 avg | 1 catch, -3 yds
  • Perine: 14 runs for 95 yds | 6.8 avg | 1 catch, 0 yds
  • Pierce: 12 runs for 49 yds, 1 TD (4 yds) | 4.1 avg
  • Lemons: 5 runs for 110 yds, 1 TD (85 yds) | 22.0 avg | 1 catch, -5 yds
  • Clement: 11 runs for 50 yds | 4.5 avg
  • Hopkins: 7 runs for 54 yds |12.3 avg

Wide Receivers:

  • Grimes: 5 catches for 153 yds, 2 TD
  • Toney: 6 catches for 24 yds
  • Jefferson: 1 catch for 35 yds
  • Hammond: 3 catches for 47 yds, 1 TD

Tight Ends:

  • Lewis: 2 catches for 27 yards, 1 TD
  • Stephens: 1 catch for 27 yards, 1 TD

Winners of the first scrimmage:

Trask – coming into the Spring behind most ‘mock’ depth charts as the 3rd quarterback, Kyle Trask has been simply good throughout the first two weeks, if not great on occasion. Most notably, he is officially pushing Franks for the starting job after matching him in most practices and simply outshining him by a ton in this scrimmage. He had one bad pick, but was otherwise pretty methodical going through his game plan. He led the team to 3 TD’s on his own, splitting time with the 1’s and 2’s. This is setting up for an ugly quarterback debate among Florida fans, especially if Trask starts playing more with the 1’s… my popcorn is ready.

Moon – Moon has been mostly playing with the 2’s during the first couple of weeks, but his size and potential has always made him an intriguing option, especially at outside linebacker in Grantham’s blitz-happy 3-4 scheme. The stars are slowly aligning and Moon is taking advantage of this change. He has been great in practice and the weight room and looked to put his talents together in the first scrimmage. He will be one to watch for this talented Gator defense.

Slaton – currently slotted behind Clark at nose tackle, Slaton has been pushing hard for the starting job since the end of last season. His natural size makes him a great fit on the line, and he showed today that he has what it takes to be a great fit at the nose; eating up offensive lineman and assisting his teammates on getting them to the QB. He and Clark are going to be major factors on the d-line this coming season.

Grimes – Dear NCAA, please please please let Grimes play this coming season! He has been very solid in all the practices and really shined during this scrimmage, netting over 150 yards and showing his ability to shake defensive backs. With only a few snaps of real college football under his belt, the sky looks to be the limit for Grimes in this offense.

Honorable Mentions: Lemons, Polite, Stewart, and Shawn Davis

Less than great first scrimmage:

Franks – Franks has been rolling with the 1’s for almost all of Spring practice so far and, truth be told, it appeared to be his job to lose. After being the best overall QB for the first two weeks, with Trask nipping at his heels, all eyes were going to be on if he could take his success in practice and translate it successfully to game situations. He did nothing to waiver this concern on Friday and simply looked awful with only a few flashes of talent. The Trask camp has gotten louder the past week and now they will have even more to write home about as Franks will look to figure out what went wrong in the scrimmage and get his lead back going into next week and the Spring Game.

Jake Allen – He started Spring with the 3’s but has quickly found himself at the back of the pack. He came in as an average recruit with a lot of social media hype, only to be injured last season and showing no signs of development yet. Unfortunately it does not look like Allen will ever see a snap with the Gators in a real game. His play in the scrimmage was barely worth mentioning.

Van Jefferson – I went back and forth on this one, but since Jefferson has been having an outstanding Spring practice, looking like the best wideout on the team. But with only 1 catch to his name in the scrimmage, it will be one he will want to move on quickly from. Franks’ struggles had a lot do with Jefferson not getting the ball, as he was targeted often but missed just as often. Not so much on the player, but Jefferson will want to have a stronger performance next week in the stat book.

Tight Ends: Stephens and Lewis combines for 3 total catches (though 2 were TD’s) for the entire unit and Gamble had a couple of drops for a pretty boring day for them all. After being vey active in the offense the first two weeks of practice, I’m sure the guys will be disappointed with their targets as they are expected to be a major factor in the passing game. Still, coming home with two TDs shows they are not invisible and have something to build off of.

Less-than-Honorable Mention: Emory Jones (will they ever let him REALLY throw it?)


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