Is RB Malik Davis (quietly) back practicing with the Gators?

The Gators current stable of running backs has had fans drooling the first few days of Spring Practice – especially with the impressive return of Jordan Scarlett, who has barely skipped a beat after being suspended from football activities for a full year, looking like the lead back he had promised to be, as well asthe additions of Freshman Damien Pierce and Iverson Clement. Even Lamical has been solid in his first few days.

All that said, it’s easy to forget the Gators best running back of 2017, Malik Davis, had yet to touch the field with his impressive skills due to injury… or has he…?

Last week we reported from Dan Mullen’s press conference that Davis was still rehabbing the serious season-ending knee injury during Florida’s loss to Georgia on Oct. 28 (as if that game could have gotten any worse for the Gators). The specifics of the injury were never released and it had been reported things were going well in his recovery, but that it was unlikely we would see him until fall. That is until he was spotted in a video on Twitter, taken by Gator Country’s Nick de la Torre:


Credit Harold Jackson Jr. with Photo edit.

At the start of Tuesday’s practice, the Gators were performing the infamous “Oklahoma Drill’, getting themselves psyched up and breeding early competition before the days workouts kicked off. And spotted with a careful eye is Malik Davis himself, padded up and getting in the middle of the action.

Now we won’t get into speculation as to if this means he’s good to go, if the Gators are keeping things tight about him, or anything related to that. But seeing him suited up is a great sign.  It has been a mystery as to how long the injury will sideline him or how realistic it would be for him to rejoin the mix at running back in 2018, with RB Coach Greg Knox reporting recently:

“Again, that goes back to our trainers. I take everything I get from the trainers, evaluate that and look at it. Then they’ll tell me how much to use him, how much I can’t use him, when I can use him, when I can’t use him,” Knox said. “So everything will be dictated from his rehab progression and where he’s at and what our training staff feels he’s capable of doing.”

At the time of his injury, Malik Davis was leading the team with 526 rushing yards and averaging 6.7 yards per carry – as a true Freshman. It was clear with his speed and natural vision he would be something special for the Gators. If the signs are true and his rehab is going well, adding another talent to an already talented RB room is only a positive sign for the Gators. We’ll report and update soon once we hear more.

Go Gators!


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