Gators National Signing Day Tracker

Keep refreshing this page throughout the day to get live updates of all recruits that the Gators are in the mix for. We’ll have a brief analysis for each as the day goes on as well as a recap of Coach Mullen’s press conference. Go Gators!


4:20 PM – thanks for following along Gator fans! A great haul for the Gators today with a couple misses and some big signees. We went 9/13 on our predictions, not bad! Likely missing on Gerald but added an uexpected 4-star in Langham. Go Gators!

4:10 PM – With Dan Mullen saying “this is our 2018 class” it would lead one to believe that Dorian Gerald will be joining on Friday…

3:53 PM – And the Gators are now all-in with Copeland’s and Langham’s NLI. Every commitment has signed.

3:45 PM – Boom! The Gators get a huge pull from Alabama and snag 4-star Malik Langham!

3:35 PM – We’re waiting to hear on 4-Star Malik Langham, rumored to be swaying towards the Gators. He’s really a great personality as well. Has crowd laughing/

3:20 PM – 4-Star offensive tackle Richard Gouraige has decided to stick with the Gators! A huge keep for Mullen with Auburn and Clemson chasing. One more to come for the day!

3:06 PM – We have now been informed that 2-Star QB Jaylin Jackson will be a Preferred Walk-On for the Gators. Adding more depth to the position.

3:04 PM – Caleb Johnson follow the rumors who had the once Florida lean ending up with the auburn Tigers. That’s our 3rd miss of the day, but still in it for two others. Hoping we were wrong about Langham.

2:59 PM – We’re hearing out of nowhere that 2-Star QB Jaylin Jackson has committed to the Gators?! This is new… we’ll update when we know more.

2:40 PM – quite odd moment for Copeland, whose mom awkwardly walked out in the middle of his commitment to Florida. ESPN2 really disappointing in her, but he did his best to hold the interview together.

2:35 PM – 4-Star Jacob Copeland has announced that he will be joining the Gators!

2:27 PM – Copeland has his family in Tennessee hats and Alabama sweatshirts. He continues, up until the very last minute, to be an excellent troll in recruiting…

2:05 PM – Apparently Copeland’s announcement has been pushed back to 2:30 pm on ESPN2. Patience is key…

12:03 PM – In one last surprise twist, Boykin has chosen to head to Notre Dame. Had been picking up steam there lately. UVA never made sense, so not sure where that all came from. That’s our first miss on Gator predictions.

11:40 AM – Rumors out that Boykin may delay his signing until tonight

11:25 AM – Hearing that Boykin is leaning towards Virginia now, which would be a surprise to many as he had not been considering that we know of.

11:00 AM – After a lot of back and forth, newly minted 4-Star Fabien Lovett has chosen to stay with Mississippi State.

10:38 AM – Gators start the morning with 3 commits from Watkins, McDowell, and the big one being Chatfield. A good start for the day with one more to come this morning in Boykin. We’re 5/6 in our predictions for the day.

10:33 AM – Any hope of a surprise commit is gone, as 5-Star Petit-Frere chooses Ohio State after the news broke yesterday

10:30 AM – 3-Star C/OL McDowell makes it official with the Gators! Mullen announces

10:13 AM – 4-Star Chatfield chooses Florida! Boom! We’re 4/5 so far today!

10:05 AM – as we expected, Nesta Silvera chooses Miami. Chuckie Doll for someone else…?

9:45 AM – Caleb Tannor ends up choosing Nebraska. A lot of hype late for him to go there. 2/3 so far, not bad!

9:15 AM – Nesta Silvera brought a Chuckie Doll with him to NSD. Get ready for a possible troll – or elation for Gator fans.

8:50 AM – Dan Mullen has announced Watkins has officially signed with the Gators!

8:19 AMFSU has already ruined a kid’s moment, announcing Lamar’s signing ahead of his slotted time. Classic, but no surprises all around.


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