Rumor Winds Blowing: It looks like 5-Star OT Petit-Frere is headed to Ohio State

Probably the most up in the air recruitment has started to have a little light shed on it this afternoon, as many insiders from Florida and Ohio State alike are now projecting 5-star Nicholas Petit-Frere, the monster offensive tackle, to make the move north and join Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes.

While nobody really knew what Petit-Frere was going to do – like seriously, nobody had a clue – Florida had been the slight favorite due to closeness to home. Notre Dame made a late push, but all signs are now pointing to Ohio State. While we don’t honestly know until the ink drys tomorrow morning for him, he was expected to let the ‘winning team’ know today, which was when all the action and talk about him heading to Columbus began to leak out.

While it would be a disappointment for many Gator fans, the 2018 class is still looking very strong and we expect a solid finish regardless of Petit-Frere’s decision. You can’t win them all, Gator fans.


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