Super Bowl LII Predictions – the Chomp and Cheer crew make their picks

It’s our last game of football before we enter the dark days of the offseason, which means we’re going to soak up as much as we can get. The big game comes to a TV near you with the Patriots (again…) returning to the Super Bowl to take on the high flying Eagles. The Chomp and Cheer crew, our affiliates, and our readers made their predictions for the upcoming game:

Our Prediction Averages:

Patriots 24.6 – 23.7 Eagles

So far, the PATRIOTS are our average predicted winner.

Adam Monsalve (Chomp and Cheer Contributor):

As an Eagles fan this game is stressing me the hell out.  Before the playoffs my expectations were on the low end of the spectrum.  However, the reincarnation of 2013 Nick Foles has my hopes up, which probably means that I am due for a rough Super Bowl Sunday. However, I picked the Jags to beat the Pats last week due to their strong front 7 and that pick looked genius until the 4th quarter Sunday. My Eagles D will pressure Brady up the middle, and the Eagles offense should be more effective than Blake and the gang last week .  FLY EAGLES FLY

Final Score: 27-13 Eagles

MVP: Nick Foles

Chris Anderson/Chomp and Cheer Chief Editor (@ChompAndCheer):

I can’t deny that, as a football fan, it’s almost eye rolling to see the Patriots back in the Super Bowl. Between them and Alabama, competitive football is becoming one-horse races to see who can attempt and compete each season. Bill Belichick will go down as the greatest football coach of all time (at least at the NFL level) and Tom Brady will continue to cap off an illustrious career. I hate both of those facts, but so it goes as a fan of anybody other than New England. While most Patriots fans couldn’t tell you half of the scores of the games they played this past season, only really tuning in during the playoffs, the consistency of the organization can’t be ignored.

When you look to the other sideline you see a really exciting and promising Eagles team who kept up their impressive momentum even after losing their starting QB Wentz. While they absolutely throttled Minnesota in an impressive away victory, I have a bad feeling that this game is going to go like any other Super Bowl the last decade… in the Patriots favor. That said, I’m going to chalk that feeling up to something bad I ate for lunch… give me the Eagles over Tom Brady and coach BeliCHEAT. Oh god, did I just pick Nick Foles over Tom Brady… yeah clearly not regretting that.

Eagles 28 – Pats 24

Adam Greer/WeLikeSports Podcast (@WeLikeSp0rts ):

The 2017 NFL season was filled with social stances and political hot-takes. The flag debate was discussed on every channel and the NFL could never fully hide from it. The league wants to acknowledge social injustice around the country but also wants to show respect to all who serve. So how does the NFL do this? By making sure the team with the bald eagle logo is playing the team with the patriot logo. Ok I’ll stick to sports. But it does seem fishy, eh?

Let’s get to the game. One team has Tom Brady and one team has Nick Foles. No brainer right? Well, not exactly. The Eagles have a top defense but pretty much everyone knows this, so I won’t bore you. Let’s look deeper. The Patriots have scored zero points in the first quarter of every Super Bowl in the Brady era. It’s unbelievable, but true. It always takes the Pats time to flip the switch and get things going in the second half. They’re basically the Cavs playing in the first half a season. They feel out packages, specific pregame schemes and then adjust. To help the Eagles cause, backup QBs have in fact, won Super Bowls. Jeff Hostetler won the Super Bowl backing up Phil Simms and oh yea, Tom Brady won the Super Bowl backing up Drew Bledsoe. So it has been done. It was literally just done in college by Alabama and Georgia, as well. Could 2018 be the year of the backup QB? (I hope it is in Cleveland, Kizer sucks). Moving on, let’s look at some trends that help the Patriots.
The Patriots have elected to wear white jerseys in the Super Bowl. They are 3-1 when wearing white. In fact, of the last 13 Super Bowls, the team wearing white, won 12 of them. The Patriots are also 3-0 vs bird mascots. (Eagles, Seahawks and Falcons).
In the end, I think this is a close game. I like the Eagles +4.5 but like the Pats to win.

Ben Gubernick/(Chomp and Cheer Contributor):

I’m taking the Patriots 27-23! Despite Nick Foles coming into his own and Philadelphia’s staunch defense, You can’t deny the greatness that is Tom Brady. In a year where Brady’s favorite target Julian Edelman went down with a season ending injury and a slow start to the defense, the Evil Genius that is Bill Belichick has gotten them back on track and put them in a position for a 6th Super Bowl ring in the last 18 years. The defense will do enough to keep the game close enough for Brady to win it in the 4th Quarter with a score to Gronk in the back of the end zone.

Jason Simon/(Chomp and Cheer Contributor):

Patriots 28, Eagles 20

I get all the arguments for why people will pick the Eagles, and I’ve been hearing it all week on TV: The way to beat the Patriots is to pressure Tom Brady. The Eagles have an amazing D-Line so they’ll be able to pressure him. So they should win. I get it, but I don’t buy it. Bill Belichick knows the Eagles will bring pressure, and he’ll gameplan around it. Because that’s what he does. Sure the Eagles might take a first half lead, because the Patriots like taking things slow, but in the end I’m not betting against Brady and Belichick. I expect a lot of no huddle and quick throws to counter the Eagles pass rush. And quite frankly, I’m not convinced that Nick Foles has really made this great turnaround. He looked great against the Vikings, sure, but not so hot against the Falcons. I don’t feel good picking him for this upset. Give me the Patriots.

Joey Ziebelman/(Chomp and Cheer Contributor):

The Patriots are a machine. It pains me to say but they’re just too good, too efficient, and have too much big game experience to let this one go.  The one saving grace is the Eagles d-line and a strong d-line gives opposing teams a chance against the Pats.  That being said Jacksonville also had a strong d-line and couldn’t stop Brady when it mattered.  I think Nick Foles is playing well but he’ll have to put up a superhuman effort to outscore the Pats.  Belichick will limit him and the Eagles tremendous running game enough to squeak by for a 6th Super Bowl win for the Patriots.

New England 23 Philadelphia 20

Chomp and Cheer Fan Poll:

As part of our Super Bowl LII Props Contest, we asked fans to give their score predictions. The average of those entries, as of today has the Patriots winning:

Patriots 27.5 – Eagles 25.5

If you haven’t already entered make sure you check it out before Sunday! You could win some cool swag from us!

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