Gators latest recruiting news and updates – Mullen and co. are making moves!

I like to keep things simple, so here is a list of all the recruits that Coach Mullen and the Gators have been linked to this past month and a rough opinion of each and where we think the Gators stand with each:

Defensive Back

Patrick Surtain Jr. – 5 * – Forget him, time to move on.

Noah Boykin – 4 * – He received a visit this past week from our a majority of the coaching staff. That should tell you all you need to know about how big of a target he is. Insiders at Maryland expect him to flip all the while Florida insiders feel good about him. Expected to visit this weekend.

Mario Goodrich – 4 * – While not heavy winds blowing, there has been recent interest. Staff is working on a few more DBs to visit, and we would guess Goodrich is one of them.

Olaijah Griffin – 4 * -Less likely than Goodrich right now. Good news if he visits, but he is not expected to visit as of right now.

Taiyon Palmer – 4 * – Received a recent offer to UF. Also just received an offer from Maryland, likely due to the fact they don’t feel good about keeping Boykin. Seems like he is a guy that the staff is showing some interest in just in case we miss on a few guys.

Isaac-Taylor Stuart – 4 * – Recent offer by UF. Incredibly unlikely at this point, but actions speak louder than offers or words. If he visits, he gets slotted above Goodrich.

Nikko Hall – 3 * – One of the new California DBs that we sent an offer to. We do not believe he is a top target at this point, just based on offers and visits.

Defensive Lineman


Dorian Gerald – JUCO – Gerald is definitely a take. The coaching staff is visiting him (in California) and his parents (in South Carolina) this past week to give you an idea on how big of a target he is for us. Of the 3 JUCO DL, he is the most likely to get into UF. Tennessee is still a big threat to get him back.

Noah Jefferson – JUCO – Would be a take, but grade concerns are leading to people pulling their crystal balls from him. This will be a theme with the JUCO players, who have a history of struggling to get into UF with our academic standards and the dreaded math course that we require.

Emmitt Gooden – JUCO – Would be a take, but grade concerns similar to Jefferson. Not much more on him right now, but we don’t think he ends up in this class.

Nesta Silvera – 4 * – Much more of a take than Chatfield. My guess is he sticks with Miami, but anything can happen if he ends up following through and makes this scheduled official visit. Expected to visit this weekend.

Coynis Miller – 4 * – Everybody getting in on the Coynis battle. We would gladly take him, but looking incredibly unlikely.

Malcolm Lamar – 4 * – We think he is a bigger target for us than Warren Thompson when it comes to the Armwood guys. He is expected to make an official visit to UF at some point. Get him on campus first and see what happens.

Malik Langham – 3 * – Our coaches love him and showed that by sending everybody that would be working with him, plus Billy Gonzales. Definite take and a big-time late riser in this class. He is expected to visit later on. Whether he makes it to campus or not will be telling.

Caleb Johnson – 3 * – Definitely a take for us. Could be a LB or a DL. UGA really likes him as well, but they may not have room. He is just on the borderline of making it into their class. No shame at all in taking a player like this. Will happily grab him up and have him beat down on the Bulldogs if he wants UF. Expected to visit this weekend.

Fabien Lovett – 3 * – Definitely a take for us. Put it this way – if we take the time to send both front 7 coaches, our DC, and our head coachon an in-home visit, the player is a hard take. Keep an eye on him and his visits.

Outside Linebackers

Quay Walker – 4 * – We believe he is our top target on the entire defensive board. We will have to pull some miracles to get him. Main point of focus – Let’s see if he decides to official visit or not. Don’t get overly excited/depressed with him (or anybody) scheduling visits until we see him show up on our campus or not. If he doesn’t visit, cross him off.

Caleb Tannor – 4 * – Could easily have him as a DL. Like Caleb Johnson, both Florida and Georgia like him. Like Caleb Johnson, I don’t think UGA has room for him at this point. His issue is more that he has some minor grade questions, so UGA has no reason at all to take a risk here. Things are trending our way at this point. Expected to visit this weekend.

Andrew Chatfield – 4 * – Not necessarily a take for us yet, we have a number of people that are higher on the staff’s board (both LB and DL guys, there are a few ways we could build the numbers here). Pay attention on if he ends up visiting, because that will tell you if we are making a big push for him again.

Xavier Peters – 4 * – Serious questions about whether he can make it in or not. Definitely has the talent. Expected to visit this weekend.

Wide Receiver

Jacob Copeland – 4 * – Our number 1 target. Will be a tough battle all the way through NSD

Justin Watkins – 4 * – We are recruiting as an ATH, so taking him won’t necessarily count as our “1” WR. I think he will get a chance to start off at CB. Could immediately slot in as our number 1 KR/PR based off of that highlight film. Expected to visit this weekend.

Tommy Bush – 4 * – Next man up if Copeland doesn’t come. Need to get him to officially visit if we want him.

Anthony Schwartz – 4 * – Likely will stick with Auburn. First 3 guys ahead of him on our board.

Warren Thompson – 4 * – Not a take for UF at this point. Likely FSU bound

Offensive Line

Nicholas Petit-Frere – 5 * – Battling Urban and Saban for him. Not a make or break battle this year in regards to our coaching staffs’ future recruiting ability, but this is the exact type of battle that we NEED to start winning in both 2019 and 2020 recruiting classes. You can’t expect to just start winning every one of these huge in-state battles, but somewhere around 1/4th to 1/3rd is more than fair to expect come next season.

Richard Gouraige – 4 * – Battling Auburn (less likely with their OL coach gone) and Clemson. Dabo has always been a huge challenger here for Gouraige. We need to put the full court press on him and his local buddy NPF. Lock Tampa back down and get Clemson/Auburn out of there.

William Barnes – 4 * – UNC bound at this point. Things could change this weekend. Likely a package deal with Montilus, but we would take either.


Christian Meadows – 4 * – FSU bound unless we make a big push for him. We are working harder on the first 4 guys and then one more mystery OL.

Ed Montilus – 3 * – UNC bound at this point. Things could change this weekend. We would take all 4 of the top guys in a heartbeat.

Griffin McDowell – 3 * – I believe this is the mystery OL that people have been talking about. If we have room at the end, I expect him to be in the class. The staff likes him to work in their offense.


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