Gators pick up commitment from talented Long Snapper Marco Ortiz

While making their way from living to living room working on 4-star and even some 5-star recruits, the Gators picked up an under the radar commitment on Tuesday in Marco Ortiz, a 6’5″ long snapper.

The best response I saw to this news was on reddit from user Herewego27, who said “You never appreciate a good long snapper until you don’t have one.” That is just a straight fact. The Gators longtime snapper, Ryan Farr, is a senior this season and even with two others on the roster in Brett DioGuardi and Jacob Tilghman, we certainly expect Ortiz to be the man to take the reigns from Farr after 2018.

According to Rubio Long Snapping Rankings (because I don’t think anything else on long snappers exist… who knew?) Ortiz is ranked as the 6th best in the country, and gave the following accolades:

OFFER NOW!!! Marco was incredible at the Rubio Long Snapping TOP 12 Camp in Tampa, FL. He has excellent size and can run like the wind. Built like a college Long Snapper right now and has the potential to be one of the best in a long time. Working on his overall snapping motion to lock down his consistency will help him a ton. Marco is a no brainer for a full ride.



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