Coach Dan Mullen has names each of his assistants coaching roles for the Gators 2018 season

The Florida Gators have announced today that Dan Mullen has made his final coaching assistant hire and has determined position assignments for the 2018 coaching staff.

Ron English makes the jump from Mississippi State to serve in the same role as Safeties coach for the Gators. English is a true veteran of the college game, having served as defensive coordinator for Michigan (2006-07), Louisville (2008) and San Jose State (2016). He also spent five seasons as head coach at Eastern Michigan from 2009-13. His level of experience as a head coach and defensive coordinator will make him an incredible asset for the Gators secondary, who will need some guidance heading into the upcoming season. Under English the Bulldogs ranked fourth in pass defense (175.0 ypg.) in the SEC, third in total defense (302.0) and fifth in scoring defense (20.4) where they returned an interception for a touchdown in three straight games.

Below are the list of announced position assignments for Florida’s 2018 coaching staff:

Some things to note – it has been well understood that Mullen will be calling plays for the Gators offense and has essentially split offensive coordinator duties between Gonzalez and Hevesy, both of who he has a deep history with. Splitting those duties up can be a great thing and could help provide the consistency that the Gators offense has lacked for nearly a decade now. Having a shared vision and responsibilities will likely lead to more cohesion amongst the staff and the players as they look to learn the Spread Offense.

Their had been uncertainty for some time if Ja’Juan Seider would be retained or even opt to move on himself, especially after the hiring of Greg Knox for Seider’s running backs position. But alas it looks like we get to keep one of our favorite Jim McElwain hires as Seider makes the move to tight end coach.

When you look up and down the list of coaches you see three big things: 1. This is an incredibly experienced coach with over 80 years of combined SEC experience, 2. this is a staff very familiar with one another and who have had success together previously, 3. they all understand the vision and what it takes to get Florida to be National Champion contenders. I know that is putting a lot on a new staff, but together they are nothing short of an impressive and solid combination.

Grantham likely has the biggest task ahead of him, trying to move the Gators from a mediocre 4-3 build to a more explosive 3-4. Lots of players will be shifting around and there is no doubt that freshman will be playing a big role in 2018. Look for that to be a selling point to recruits as the February deadline nears. Adding proven coaches in Sunseri, Warren, and English, as well as exciting new blood Christian Robinson, will add great knowledge to a defensive overhaul as well as become a really well rounded recruiting group.

The switch to the spread offense should now be a little smoother, albeit with some inevitable growing pains. The Gators running back stable is one of the most talented in the country, and that’s even excluding Jordan Scarlett who’s 2018 whereabouts have yet to be determined. As the Spread is built off of the run, this athletic group should help provide some breathing room as the quarterback situation gets worked out, with Emory Jones expected to be the man.

Having a staff in place is HUGE for the Gators as they look to make more moves in recruiting and will help keep stability going into the Spring practices. We look forward to seeing what this staff has in store for the 2018 season.



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