4-star QB Emory Jones commits to the Gators

After a surprise visit this past weekend, 4-star quarterback Emory Jones, ranked as the 4th best dual threat in the 2018 class, has decided to flip his commitment to Dan Mullen and the Florida Gators.

MY EMOTIONS. Damn… what a week it has been Gator fans… after 4-star quarterback Matt Corral, a longtime Gator commit and potential bringer of hope, decided to spurn the Gators and head to Ole Miss it left many fans shaking their heads and wondering what curse what brought upon us.  But before we could imagine Mullen and Brian Johnson attempting to fix whatever is wrong with Felipe Franks and patching together another season on offense, a glimmer of possibility returned as Emory Jones decided to make a trip to Gainesville.

Florida fans bounce back quick, there’s no doubt about it. Almost immediately after hearing the news that Jones was interested in Florida and making a surprise official visit, Gator-twitter was sent into a frenzy of excitement and calls of ‘Matt Corral who??’. That’s just how starved this fanbase is for a talented quarterback, even if he is 18 years old and hasn’t seen a snap at the collegiate level. While we certainly need to temper our expectations for these reasons especially (we should probably let him move into his dorm first), the fact that Dan Mullen was able to trade pro-style gunslinger Matt Corral for the more desirable and higher ranked duel threat Emory Jones is nothing short of impressive. In fact it can be described in one word: ELITE

These are the types of moves that Dan Mullen was brought to Florida for, moves that former head coach Jim McElwain failed to really pull off with albeit maybe a few exceptions. As the 6th ranked QB in the class, Jones is the ideal fit for Dan Mullen’s spread offense.  He prefers to sit in the pocket, with notably impressive presence, but can very easily take off and beat you with his speed and athleticism. You’ve heard the expression ’round peg in a square hole’ before (sorry Jeff Driskel) – Jones is like a custom, machined peg designed to be eloquently placed in the corresponding socket of Dan Mullen’s offense. Apologies if I either weirdly you out or turned you on. Another way to put it; if Emory Jones was a glove, OJ Simpson would have never been acquitted.

Emory Jones is the prototypical Dan Mullen dual-threat quarterback. His football IQ is impressive and it shows with his sound decision making with the ball in his hands. He has good height (6’3″) and a pretty good frame (195 lbs), with some room to grow in a college weight room.

Jones’ best attribute is his arm. He has an absolute cannon and he is not afraid to fit the ball into tight spaces or take a few deep shots throughout the game – be prepared for some picks coming, but also expect Mullen to put him in situations that will minimize this. He possesses great throwing mechanics for being so young, which allows him to make just about any throw from the pocket. He also has the ability to make plays with his feet by rolling out of the pocket, keeping his eyes downfield and finding the open target. Just go to YouTube right now and gush over his throws on the run. Gorgeous stuff. As a passer, Jones is about as good as one can get with a dual-threat quarterback coming out of high school.

You would have to give Emory Jones the edge as the potential starter for the 2018 season, even taking into account his inexperience. The main reason I say this is due to his skill-sets and how well they do fit into what Mullen wants to do on offense. The competition isn’t the stiffest for him either, with Jake Allen and Kyle Trask yet to see a snap in a game and Franks struggling mightily to make any serious progress throughout the season. All three are going to have much better coaching, so that definitely should be considered. One thing is for sure, it’s finally great to be excited in Gator Nation after a rough season.

Welcome to the Swamp, Emory! No pressure…


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